A cutting-edge spreadsheet engine

Feature-rich. Compatible with Excel and Google Sheets. Animation-speed performance.

Tried and tested

Fully compatible with Excel and Google Sheets, GRID’s spreadsheet engine is the most sophisticated independent spreadsheet engine in the world. 

The engine has been used to publish interactive models to the web since 2019, and powers our own calculator product used by hundreds of happy customers and hundreds of thousands of their users all over the world.

Every build is automatically tested against thousands of real-world spreadsheets with a broad range of complexity, utility and use-cases to ensure accuracy and performance.

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Integrated visualization and interaction

The engine has deep and unique integrations with data visualizations such as charts and tables and interaction elements such as inputs and sliders. These extend spreadsheets and spreadsheet models way beyond their normal confines of traditional spreadsheet software.

Runs in browser and cloud alike

Implemented in JavaScript and WebAssembly, the spreadsheet engine can run entirely in a browser, use our built-in or custom visualizations or deliver its functionality through a REST-ful API against our cloud setup.

Making models talk

GRID’s spreadsheet engine is at the heart of Spreadsheet Powered AI, a concept we pioneered to connect the world of spreadsheets and generative AI, delivering reliable and verifiable calculations via natural language.

Spreadsheet Powered AI can be delivered using different LLM engines and deployment options, but a powerful spreadsheet engine is the key ingredient.